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With emails remaining a business critical application for most organisations, it is essential to have storage capabilities and ease of access for all mail users

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What Altinet Can Offer

Our knowledge and experience in the Message Archiver market has come from assisting many businesses and schools to increase email protection and storage as well as increasing mail user accessibility to archived mail. We work with our clients to choose the most appropriate deployment method and replication technique and
then assist with configuration during the implementation process. Altinet’s Value-Add Process is extremely effective with this solution as our technical team will work with you to evaluate your current email infrastructure and then suggest the most appropriate implementation strategy, to ensure you get the benefits specified during the project

Key Features

Archiving Email

The Message Archiver uses SMTP journal forwarding to capture an accurate and unmodified copy of each new email at the time it is sent or received, and messages can also be retrieved directly from mail servers using the IMAP or POP3 protocols

End User Web Interface

End users can access their archived data online via the Message Archiver role‑based web interface. This provides both basic and advanced search capabilities, and enables them to download and respond to any of their archived messages

Powerful Searching

Search parameters can be saved and reused, and text searches may include contents, attachments, and a wide range of metadata fields

Retention Policies

Retention policies ensure that an accurate and fully compliant copy of every email sent or received will be retained for the entire period required for that specific data. These policies include data in public folders, and can easily be configured to meet the most complex compliance and business needs

Cloud-Connected Archiving

Scale up your capacity by extending your archive into the cloud for secure and cost-effective off-site storage


Security features built into the Message Archiver appliance include tamper-resistant storage and a hardened OS. All data is scanned for viruses, spyware, and malware before being archived

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