Storage Area Network

Our Storage Area Network solution is a network of storage devices which allows multiple computers to be connected to multiple storage devices and be centrally managed

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What Altinet Can Offer

The high speed network of storage devices provide better performance than direct-attached storage - much the same as Local
Area Networks they can be deployed in many different typologies to ensure they fit well into any network.

Key Features

Smart Data Management

When the original storage planning or configuration doesn’t fit anymore, smart data management features can recover the status back to normal quickly and minimise the system risk.

SSD Caching

SSD caching leverages the strengths of both SSDs and SAS/SATA hard drives to cost-effectively meet both high speed and large capacity requirements. It accelerates application performance by utilising SSD drive as extended RAID controller cache for hot data while most of the cold data are stored in the hard drives.

Fast Rebuild

Fast Rebuild only rebuilds the partitions with data. With embedded hardware RAID engine, it can greatly reduce the system loading, minimise the performance impact, and reduce rebuilding time as well.

Thin Provisioning

The Thin provisioning feature provides efficient use of total available capacity, centralised management, data protection, flexible storage planning, and automatic extension when allocated space runs out.

Enterprise Data Protections

Built-in data protection features protect your data under any circumstances without extra charge and without performance impact.

Multipath Storage Access

MPIO (Multi Path Input Output) is a fault-tolerance and performance enhancement technique which allows the use of more than one path to the volume from the same host server.

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