Unified Data Backup and Replication

Data Protection solutions enable organisations to back up all their data, whether stored on physical or virtual servers.

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What Altinet Can Offer

The products in Altinet’s portfolio enable us to provide our customers with solutions that exceed their needs at a price point that meets budgetary requirements. Deduplication and compression enable you to reduce your data estate and only back up new incremental data (once the initial backup is complete during the initial implementation) thus saving disc space and
reducing the overall cost of the solution, all while securely storing your data and reducing backup times. With replication to the cloud or hardware in different locations, organisations can secure their data against disaster by replicating from the main backup point to a secondary point ensuring a high level of protection against partial or total data loss.

Key Features

Improved Data and System Protection, Recovery and Availability

Unified architecture that brings together core data protection technologies under one console

Improved Capabilities to Meet Key Data Protection, Recovery and Availability SLAs

Fast, flexible recovery options with Virtual Standby and Bare Metal Restore

Improved Operational Efficiency

Ease of use and broad capabilities combine to enhance time to value

Improved Tape Unification

Allow users to directly manage the scheduling, monitoring and recovery point migration to take from within the UDP console

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Replicate to the cloud and extend retention with offsite vaulting

Long-Term Retention

Archiving to tape. external media, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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