Secure Web Gateway

The Web Secure Gateway allows organisations to benefit from online applications and tools without exposure to web-borne malware and viruses, lost user productivity, and misused bandwidth

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What Altinet Can Offer

With our experience in the Web Filtering market, helping businesses and schools to achieve a service that exceeds their expectations, we can guarantee that we will find the right content
filtering solution for your network. Altinet can offer you multiple solutions to suit or surpass your needs and give you an easier, quicker and stronger solution than what you currently

Key Features

Spyware and Virus Protection

A continually updated database to identify and block access to sites known to host spyware and viruses. It also detects installed spyware trying to access the Internet.

Social-Media Regulation

Scanning and inspecting SSL-encrypted traffic for specific categories and domains enable granular policy enforcement. Administrators can also configure the Web Security Gateway to monitor and archive outbound web application communications like Facebook posts, tweets, and web-based email to a message archiving solution

Content Filtering

Administrators can create policies that control user access to 99.7 percent of commonly visited websites using 95 content categories including pornography, violence, hacking, sports, news, dating, shopping, chat, and more. Content filtering policies can be customised to restrict specific websites or look for patterns in web addresses.

SSL Inspection

Organisations can control online content normally hidden by SSL. This includes content found in social-media platforms, web-based email, and search engines. Administrators can specify domains and URL categories for which SSL-encrypted traffic will be decrypted and scanned for malware and policy. Not only can organisations restrict entire platforms, it’s now possible to enforce granular access for secure websites (e.g., YouTube).

Simple Pricing

Content filtering and advanced malware protection is offered as a simple all-inclusive subscription without any per-user fees.

Advanced Threat Protection

Full system emulation, providing deep visibility into malware behaviour. Files are checked against a dynamic cryptographic hash database, and any match is immediately blocked. If a match is not immediately found, or in case the file is unknown, it is delivered to our virtual sandbox for detonation where malicious behaviour can be safely discovered.

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